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Lava Leads | Overview

Lava Leads Delivers Affordable Lead Generation

No matter what type of business you are, Lava Leads ( has customized direct marketing programs for just about any budget or size of organization. We cover a full spectrum of advertising and marketing services that put you in the driver seat to making your phones ring.

Lava Leads Produce Results

We have aligned with some of the most cutting edge, leading platforms of TV, Radio, Search Engine, Telemarketing, Call Center, Social Networking, Email marketing, and Lead Management technologies. With years of experience  of successful lead gen campaigns, Lava Leads knows the direction to take you to get to the result you are looking for.

Lava Leads is a Reputable Source

Having been around over 4 years, LavaLeads has the honor to work with some of the most successful companies across America, that are re-fueling the economy. From start-up small business owners, just getting started on their dreams, to well established Fortune 500 companies feeding hundreds of employees, Lava Leads can customize your lead flow to maximize budget and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)


Get to know LavaLeads by giving us a call or email...

Contact us now. Ask us as many questions as you'd like, for as long as you'd like before ever hiring us. We are not into the high pressure, "make a decision NOW" type sale. Usually that ends up in miscommunication and frustration on both parties. We make sure we, as your marketing partner, are fully on the same page as you.



Google Business Photos

Google Business Photos Bring your Business to Life with a Virtual Tour.

Google is taking Places and Maps to a new level giving Merchants an even greater way to engage with new customers, like never before! Introducing: Business Photos by Goolge. Now you can showcase your business with a 360-degree panaramic tour of your establishment. 

How can Google/Business Photos help my Biz?

When a potential customer may be searching on Goole for your business by name, your panoramic view photos will appear directly in the search results as well as published in GooglePlaces, GoogelMaps and other GOOG properties. See sample HERE When clicked on, your prospect engages in a "virtual tour" of your business offering a better sense of your layout and highlighting the decor and beauty of the interior.

How does Google take the Business Photos?

With the help of a certified Google Trusted Photographer, your business can more effectively Build Trust online, right off the bat, by demonstrating tranparency and inviting a potntial new customer in the door right from their computer. The certified photographers are trained to take the highest quality pictures that bring out the best in your business while giving the potential customer a clear, accurate virtual biz tour. All Trusted Photographers will complete a simple Service Agreement with you.

Contact us Today and find out how to get more people in the door with Google Business Photos!