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Live Transfer Insurance Leads

Searching for the best, most cost effective Insurance Leads on the market? LavaLeads is ready to deliver them HOT Transferred to you in real-time to give you and your agents the opportunity to speak with a Live insurance prospect at their highest peak of interest and greatly increase closing ratios.


Insurance Leads that Close

If you want the best chances for closing more sales, then you know you need the most exclusive and accurately targeted leads to speak to. LavaLeads does just that, with our Live Transfer Leads ranging from $3 to $5. At such a low cost per exclusive lead, and with most Insurance Agents getting 5-8 applications for every 10-15 of our transfers, it leaves room for a big return on investment (ROI), 

Targeted Insurance Prospect into Exclusive Lead

The most important part of any marketing or lead gen campaign, is to make sure you  are targeting the right demographic or prospect, that is more likely to hear your message and immediately have an emotional trigger that causes them to act now. We are pros at developing interactive marketing campaigns that generate high volume, low cost insurance leads and live transfers.


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