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Exclusive Mortgage Leads Generated from Live Transfers


Quality live transfer mortgage leads that close

When looking for the best mortgage lead generation solution for your sales team, 3 important components should be considered: Capacity, Affordability, and Profitability (CAP) -

  • Capacity | How many mortgage live transfer leads do you need daily?
  • Affordability | What is you daily budget for lead generation?
  • Profitability | How many sales opportunities will be transferred?

LavaLeads is one of the industry leaders for exclusive mortgage transfers. With most campaigns we can deliver unlimited capacity wiht affordable pricing, which in turn yields big ROI. Our current Mortgage Professional clients have their loan officers filling out a full application with a borrower 1 out of every 2 to 4 calls and have great success with our Purchase and Refinance live transfer leads. 

Reverse Mortage Leads

One of our specialties with the Live Transfer Leads is the Reverse Mortgage vertical. Our agents are speaking to primed and interested Seniors thoughout the US all day, finding and pairing the best prospects with your sales staff. Let us do the legwork while you focus on closing more deals! If you want to increase your sales overnight, call us Now! Let's partner up and get the ball rolling on your Reverse Mortgage Leads Campaign!

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