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Voice Broadcasting Leads

Effective Voicebroadcasting Lead Gen

Voice broadcasting leads are lists of prospective customers derived from the mass broadcast of a marketing, promotional, or informative audio campaign. Voice broadcasting is one of the most popular marketing or sales campaigns today that most businesses employ on a large or even small scale perspective. As the term implies, marketing or audio messages are broadcast to a large number of target consumers either via telephone or mass media. The latter is rarely used since it is a very expensive alternative. Telephone voice broadcasting geared towards generation of leads or eventual sales and revenue is commonly termed as telemarketing.


How Does Lead Generation Using Voice Broadcasting Work

As mentioned above, mass media voice broadcasting is a more expensive alternative. Hence, the following discussions will be limited to generating voice broadcasting leads via the telephone.

  • A business or company primarily obtains a huge list of telephone numbers or a client database containing contact numbers, and any other information. Most often, such list has been a product of its previous marketing or lead generation campaigns, or, they must have been purchased from a lead generation company.
  • Lead generation involving voice broadcasting requires the business to create pre-recorded voice messages that shall be used when the telephone list or database are to be called. There are also instances that these messages are inserted as audio advertisements whenever a customer or client calls the business’ or other companies’ customer service hotline. But both methods will entail costs to a business as telemarketing or advertisement costs.
  • The manner of soliciting voice broadcasting leads can be done in two ways; via cold calling or proactive approach and the warm calling or reactive approach. In cold calling, the company initiates the call and information solicitation through telemarketers or the pre-recorded voice messages and the person being called does not expect said call. On the other hand, warm calling is a result of the prospective clients’ need, curiosity, request for information, or a response to the voice broadcast. In most instances, the latter method will likely bring a sale or revenue.


Benefits of Generating Voice Broadcasting Leads

Voice broadcasting or telemarketing has been one of the most effective and popular lead generation techniques employed by businesses today. And just like any other type of leads, they have their own set of benefits to the company or business.

  • The capacity to target a larger audience or market. The word “broadcast” itself has an explicit meaning of being able to target hundreds if not thousands of potential customers or leads. Since voice broadcasting is aided by the latest communication technologies, the solicitation of information, consumer preferences, and sales or marketing leads is faster and efficient. Time and resources spent per single contact is relatively less; therefore, larger number of contacts can be accommodated by a certain amount of time and resource.
  • Voice broadcasting leads augment sales and revenues. We must not fail to mention that the primary purpose of generating leads via voice broadcasting is still to augment or maintain the business or sales revenues enjoyed by the company.
  • Faster Lead Response Rate. On the pre-recorded messages used in voice broadcasting or telemarketing, already incorporated are response steps or methods that a prospective client may do to take advantage of a certain marketing promo, campaign, or perhaps, inclusion to a certain program.
  • It maintains marketing message consistency. Lead generation done personally or face-to-face will require the marketing or selling individual to explain or provide information orally. Chances are; information relayed to one lead may be slightly distinct to information that will be relayed to others. With the aid of pre-recorded voice messages, consistency of the information accorded to the leads are uniform and consistent.


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