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Hot Sales Leads from Live Transfers

Is your sales team getting the very best out of your current lead program? Are you efficiently speaking to live prospects all day that give you opportunity to close the deal? LavaLeads provides industry-best multi cross platform lead generation solution for your company to thrive amongst the competition. We have leads calling in all day from TV, internet, radio, and telemarketing campaigns designed to turn targeted prospects into hot leads, transferred immediately to your live sales reps. We help create an instant buzz in your office as your reps will be pumped with all the opportunities they'll have from

Unlimited Live Lead Transfers at low costs.

Our clients love the fact the they receive big ROI from our very low, cost effective sale marketing products. On average each live transfer can be as low as $2 up to $5 per lead. Compared to most other solitons out there today. We help you reach your target market with pin point laser accuracy. We have compiled an internal data source to filter out specific parameters to call on prospects that turn into solid leads to be sold. We are transferring hot leads all dat for hundreds of clients. So pick up the phone and let us help with your next lead gen campaign!

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