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Hot Sales Leads Live 

What are Live Sales Leads and How Can They Help Your Business Flourish?

If you run your own business, chances are there is one idea constantly on your mind – how to get new
customers. Finding clients is a lot like searching for gold, it requires skill and knowing just where to look.
However, not every busy business owner has the time to look for new prospects. That’s where comes in.  
At Lava Leads, we specialize in live lead generation technology, providing you with prospective clients on a daily basis to help your business grow. Sales leads are potential contacts that have shown interest in another company’s goods or services. Finding leads is the first step in the sales process, and one of the most important. Sales Leads can be individuals who have visited a company’s website, other businesses that have called the company asking for information, or anyone who has expressed any interest in what your firm has to offer. Leads are essential to the survival of any business, and we are here to help you do just that.

Lava Leads are for any Sales Team

Whether you are just starting out or have an established brand, reaching out to new potential
customers is crucial to ensuring success. Lava Leads offers customizable lead generation technology that will give you access to thousands – possibly millions – of clients that meet your target demographic. We have several solutions for you to choose from, including Live Lead Transfers, Pay per Click options, E-
mail marketing strategies, “Hot Button” calls, and many others that will keep your business booming.
Call Lava Leads today to see how our lead generation solutions can help your business flourish.

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Cut Prospecting in Half with Live Lead Transfers 

You can literally cut prospecting time by 50% and Boost sales with Live Lead Transfers.

The most effective way to add plenty of deals to your pipeline is by setting up a lead generation campaign powered by live transfers. Spend more time talking to qualified and interested prospects and less time dialing or knocking on doors! This of course gives you the opportunity to close more deals and close them faster. A Live Lead Transfer campaign can help automate your sales process and deliver leads to your phones all day.

Live Lead Transfers vs. Internet Leads

What's the different between exclusive live transfer leads and internet leads? A whole lot! Internet leads are usually generated by a prospective buyer filling out their info on a lead capture form. Hopefully they fill out correct info so you can actually contact them. Additionally, internet leads are mostly only semi-exclusive. Which means they are not only being call ed by you, but 3 to 5 other competitors. Now when you have a live prospect that is talking to you at the time of their highest level of motivation when transferred to your phone EXCLUSIVELY, there really is no better type of lead than that. Period!

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Interactive Voice Marketing


Interactive Voice Marketing

A mass-marketing tool design to enable you to reach hundreds of sales opportunties in no time with instant lead generation! Send a marketing message to your current customers or brand new prospects, by the thousands. Features include; Live Hot Transfer options, Voicemail Lead Transfers, Easy-to-use web-based interface, real-time reporting, and more!
The perfect sales leads generation platform that has plenty of capacity for large enterprise call canters. Yet can be scaled down for smaller sales organizations and independent sales agents. 
Great for business opportunity leads, insurance leads, b2b leads, and sales leads generation.