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Live Lead Transfers 


Affordable Business to Business Leads Generation, Powered by Voice Broadcasting

When I started out in B2b sales it was in the merchant services industry, and the way I generated leads was by knocking on doors. Who does that any more? So much time is spent on first driving to find a nice area of sales prospects, then walking up and down the strip malls visiting each merchant with one of your 50 pitches of the day. That's not the way to go these days of the digital wold. Technology has taken marketing and business to business lead generation to a whole new level. Voice broadcasting, for example, is a very effective and affordable tool for acquiring b2b sales leads.

Voice Broadcasting can Generate Business to Business Leads FAST

Voice broadcasting is a form of interactive marketing that harnesses the power of Voice, the internet, and digital dialing to communicate your message to customers or prospective clients by the thousands. We all know sales is a numbers game. Voice broadcasting enables you to play the numbers game at a rapid-fire rate! You can literally generate hundreds of b2b leads per day using an interactive voice marketing platform. 

Many sales organizations that market to small & medium businesses prefer to focus their b2b marketing by utilizing a live transfer leads campaign powered by voice broadcasting. The system dials 10's, 100's, or 1,000's of businesses at once, those business owners that pick up will hear your marketing message will have the option to transfer to your phones or decline and be removed from the list. Those prospects that decide to transfer to you become a live b2b lead waiting to be sold on your product and helped by you.

An effective and profitable b2b live transfer leads campaign is all about having the right marketing message and the right targeted prospects to call. If your message is straight to the point, uncovering a possible pain to the prospect, and identifying a solution you have for them, along with a strong call to action, you can have your phones ringing all day with live transferred b2b leads and typically only cost you $2 to $5 per call. 

One of the other very favorite perks of voice broadcasting for live transfers, is that it is basically instant results that you can reach out an "talk" to. There is no sitting, waiting, and wondering when your leads are going to come in like traditional offline marketing. This is the power to generate business to business leads, live and on-demand!

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Interactive Voice Marketing


Interactive Voice Marketing

A mass-marketing tool design to enable you to reach hundreds of sales opportunties in no time with instant lead generation! Send a marketing message to your current customers or brand new prospects, by the thousands. Features include; Live Hot Transfer options, Voicemail Lead Transfers, Easy-to-use web-based interface, real-time reporting, and more!
The perfect sales leads generation platform that has plenty of capacity for large enterprise call canters. Yet can be scaled down for smaller sales organizations and independent sales agents. 
Great for business opportunity leads, insurance leads, b2b leads, and sales leads generation.

Live Lead Transfers Make Clients

Is each live transfer treated like a friend?

Conversations are important, and too often many sales people don’t actually listen because they are too busy thinking about what they are going to say next. Funny thing is, if they would just listen the prospect almost always tells them what they need to say in order to win the deal. Please try your best to answer any questions they ask.  This is a sure fire way to gain trust and make your prospect happy and feel comfortable with you that you aren’t just in it for you but you are actually there to help them. Do this one simple technique and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when they get back to you without delay.  It is these small courtesies which create relationships that will last.  Be the person your client calls when they have a question first and your going to keep them as a client for a long time.

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Telemarketing for Live Leads

Whether you manage a team of seasoned sales pros or you are an independent salesman who is looking to increase commissions by generating quality live leads, knowing the basic elements of a successful sales telemarketing call can help you close more sales. There really is no more effective way to connect with multiple prospects daily than through telemarketing leads.

Digital Dialing companies, such as, offer one of the most high-powered telemarketing platforms for reaching large audiences through voice broadcasting and predictive dialing. Voice broadcasting (or Voice marketing) and predictive dialing are an extremely affordable strategy for generating hundreds or thousands of live transfer leads. Instead of manually dialing your list of prospects, and auto-dialer can dial them for you and only live transfer those leads that are interested in what you have to say.

Improve your sales instantly through power telemarketing and live lead transfer services.

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Mass-Marketing Leads Generation

Network Marketing is just like any and every other business.

The most valuable thing any business needs is leads, which can turn into sales. With out someone to buy your product or join your team and sign up with your business. You won’t be in business long.

You want to dominate your new business, you want to get ahead and have more people then just your friends and family in your business. You need to know one thing.

Sales is a contact sport, the more contacts you make. The more chances you will have to pitch your opportunity and to meet new people, to make sales. What Voice broadcasting does, or using an AutoDialer, it picks up over 100 phones at a time and dials through thousands of phone numbers every few minutes. This process would take a persons hours but the dialing system does it in minutes. It gets rid of bad phone numbers, it passes over busy signals and is systematically looking for live connects. Once it finds a person on the other end of the phone and they answer “Hello” this machine provides typically a 30 second elevator pitch with two options.

Press One to speak with a live representative
press Two to be removed from our list.

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Who shouldn’t use an Auto Dialer?


People who are not used to rejection.

People who don’t have thick skin. 

People who have never done cold calling.

Voice Broadcasting is just cold calling on steriods. You aren’t going to get people pressing one and just giving you their information and joining your business. So if you think that’s the case you might want to recalibrate your expectations. Voice Broadcasting will get you some people who are just mad, not mad at you but just mad about life. They’ll press two like idiots, and NOT be removed from our list and just want to yell at some one. Welcome to the fight, it’s fast paced, say sorry and get off the phone and ready for the next.

If you haven’t had some sales training and don’t feel confident in your ability to close and to pitch you product, service, business. DON’T USE an auto dialer. It will be painful for you and probably not profitable. Again, this is simply cold calling on steroids.

Closers should use Auto Dialers, Voice Broadcasting.

One of the most effective tools any Great closer could use is DialCloud which is a premier voice broadcasting platform. Their staff is knowledgable and they scrub everything against the DNC. The platform is already used by major corporations like FedEx and many others.

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