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Lead Generation

Lead Generation for Sales

In the field of business and marketing, lead generation is one fundamental aspect or requirement. It is the process of creating a list or database of leads of those who can be considered potential clients or customers of a business’ products and services. Leads simply mean the business’ prospective or potential customers. And just like production, advertising, and any other marketing efforts, generating leads is a continuous process.

The Essential Elements of Leads

With the numerous methods on lead generation listed below, anyone might be tempted to just list all names and contacts he or she wants to become part of the database. Although more leads are better, there are essential elements of a lead for that prospect to be considered as a quality or viable one; the lead should be willing, able, and be qualified to buy your product or service.

-          Willingness to buy. The lead or prospective customer should be willing to buy your product. Such willingness may be a result of the prospect’s wants or needs. Without such desire, there are no actual sales or revenues expected.

-          Ability to buy. Another essential element or quality of the prospective customer is its ability to buy. Most of the time, this is related with the prospect’s economic or income capacities. In marketing, the company has to establish and get to know its intended customer’s profile, segment, etc. When you are selling insurance or real estate, perhaps, you would rather consider the high-earning individuals as your leads.

-          Qualified to buy. Certain products and services are only offered and made available to certain groups of customers, in short, they are regulated. Medical equipment or highly potent drugs for example are only made available for those who have the required doctor’s approval, prescription, etc.

Benefits of Lead Generation

The inherent benefits of generating leads are somewhat obvious, but the following list should provide a full perspective.

-          Sales generation and augmentation. Leads or prospects generated are essential for the continuance of business or the enjoyment of projected sales or revenues coming into the business. This active marketing approach also aids in increasing the volume or sales by tapping all possible clients or customers. Other relative benefits include; the increase in ROI, productivity, etc.


-          Determination of production and marketing costs. Lead generation is tantamount to the determination of a product or service’s corresponding demand. Hence, when the total expected demand is determined, the company would be able to make production and costs estimates in advance.


-          It is a chance to examine the market. Understanding the profile, the wants, and the capacities of the leads is a form of studying the product or service’s market. Based on said study, the company will be able to enhance or change product specifications based on the resulting market preferences. On the other hand, this will also become an opportunity for buyers or customers to inquire about the product details and request for certain features or changes with regard to the product or services being offered.


Common Methods of Generating Leads

There are several methods of lead generation. Among the most ideal and common ones used by businesses today include the following:


-          Mail or e-mail solicitations, surveys, or memberships.

-          Telemarketing or via the telephone

-          Seminars, conventions, and trade shows

-          House to house surveys

-          Marketing promotions

-          Mass media promotions or advertisements

-          Customer referrals

-          Internet marketing and social networking

-          Etc.

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Live Transfers | Sales Lead Gen 

Hot Sales Leads from Live Transfers

Is your sales team getting the very best out of your current lead program? Are you efficiently speaking to live prospects all day that give you opportunity to close the deal? LavaLeads provides industry-best multi cross platform lead generation solution for your company to thrive amongst the competition. We have leads calling in all day from TV, internet, radio, and telemarketing campaigns designed to turn targeted prospects into hot leads, transferred immediately to your live sales reps. We help create an instant buzz in your office as your reps will be pumped with all the opportunities they'll have from

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SEO Leads

SEO Sales Leads

In need of some quality SEO leads? can supply your SEO company with an efficient, targeted, affordable lead generation solution that can deliver all day every day. We help you reach out to thousands of business owners that have interest in getting search engine optimization help and covert them into exclusive leads transferred to you.

Unlimited SEO Lead Generation give you unlimited access to our US business leads database where you can filter out specific selects such as business type, sales volume, geo location, credit rating, and many more to help you target the right type of prospective client that would turn into a lead that likely would buy your seo services. We have been helping many Search Marketing companies build their client base for years with our lead generation capabilities. So if you are looking to buy exclusive SEO leads, LavaLeads will be your most effective and affordable source.


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Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Looking for Merchant Cash Advance Leads that are exclusive? Then look no further. provides the most targeted, real-time, and cost effective Merchant Cash Advance leads on the planet that are transferred to you live and exclusively.

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Targeted Merchant Cash Advance B2B Leads

With our database of over 18 million US businesses, you can cherry pick those specific businesses you'd like to target by industry, employee size, sales volume, location, and many more selects to help you generate the type of merchant leads that are more likely to close. Also with our unbeatable lead pricing, around $3 to $4 per live lead, you will have the opportunity for a greater return on investment (ROI).


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Cut Prospecting in Half with Live Lead Transfers 

You can literally cut prospecting time by 50% and Boost sales with Live Lead Transfers.

The most effective way to add plenty of deals to your pipeline is by setting up a lead generation campaign powered by live transfers. Spend more time talking to qualified and interested prospects and less time dialing or knocking on doors! This of course gives you the opportunity to close more deals and close them faster. A Live Lead Transfer campaign can help automate your sales process and deliver leads to your phones all day.

Live Lead Transfers vs. Internet Leads

What's the different between exclusive live transfer leads and internet leads? A whole lot! Internet leads are usually generated by a prospective buyer filling out their info on a lead capture form. Hopefully they fill out correct info so you can actually contact them. Additionally, internet leads are mostly only semi-exclusive. Which means they are not only being call ed by you, but 3 to 5 other competitors. Now when you have a live prospect that is talking to you at the time of their highest level of motivation when transferred to your phone EXCLUSIVELY, there really is no better type of lead than that. Period!

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