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LavaCalls | Voice-broadcasting Leads offers the ultimate Live Lead Transfer telemarketing solution. Providing the very best voice broadcast platform that quickly and effectively generates live transfer leads for almost any type of sales driven business. 

Voice broadcasting is the ultimate mass marketing tool that produces the quickest reponses, or leads, within minutes of launching a campign. 

Comprehensive Call Center Management

Once we've called someone interested in your message, our management system can live transfer the contact to your call center, office or any reliable phone in seconds. All you have to give us is a phone number to transfer your live leads to. What sets us apart from everyone else, is our comprehensive campaign delivery and management system. Below is a list of all of our call center management features, most of which cannot be found anywhere else. 

Smart Solutions for Call Center Management

Free Web Based Account Management

  • Change your "Transfer" Phone Number in Real Time
  • Increase or Decrease the Number of Call Center Contacts Made Per Minute
  • Change the Number of Simultaneous Calls Allowed to your Office
  • Playback Recordings for Quality Control
  • Add Numbers to the In-House DO-NOT-CALL List
  • Turn Your Campaign Management ON or OFF In Real Time
  • Run Real Time Reports
  • Change your Scheduled Campaign Hours

No software to download or special equipment required! Manage your Live Transfer Leads campaign in "the cloud" from any internet connection including your laptop, i-pad or Android tablet, or smart phone!

Free Database Usage

We offer our clients FREE usage of our entire database for our live transfer lead services. We have over 250 Million phone numbers. This typically saves our clients anywhere from two to ten cents per contact!

Free Conversation Recording

At no additional cost, our management system will record ALL live leads transferred to your call center to ensure your staff is doing their job effectively. You will be able to listen to the call center recordings by visiting our Web-Based Campaign Management system.

Free Simultaneous Call Limitation

You only have a limited number of people who can answer the phone at the same time. When a specific number of people are simultaneously talking with your call center, your Live Transfer Lead campaign will AUTOMATICALLY stop. This ensures your call center will never be inundated with too many contacts, but enough to keep everyone busy.

No Setup Fees

Our campaign management system is the low cost leader in Voice Broadcasting. We focus on volume and will not nickel and dime you. You will know your exact costs before your Live Transfer Leads campaign begins.

All Digital Network

Free Do-Not-Call Maintenance

We maintain a Company Wide Do-Not-Call list and scrub ALL outgoing campaigns against it. Over time this has helped dramatically increase the quality of Live Transfers our customers receive. We also scrub all phone numbers against the National Do-Not-Call List.  offers businesses an exceptionally better return on their marketing investment based solely on the quantity of Live Leads
transferred every hour than the average competitor out there. More importantly, better Quality, equals a higher sales conversion.

LavaCalls powered by Lava Leads gives you the ability to have full control over your live lead transfers campaign with real-time reporting, budget analyser, and the amount of transfer leads per hour.


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