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Exclusive Leads Marketing Experts was formed to provide a one-stop destination for businesses focused on feeding their Sales Force with consistent, high capacity, cost-effective, and exclusive live transfer leads driven from multiple mediums. We have partnered with some of the most robust technologies in the marketing space to provide our clients hassle free turn-key solutions for their marketing initiatives. offers live transfer leads for many different industries includung: mortgage leads, insurance leads, home security leads, b2b leads, small business leads, SEO leads, and just about any other kind os sales leads!

When it comes to Live Lead Transfers, we've got you covered. We opperate the largest and most efficient all digital calling platforms in the US. We help companies deliver high quality prospects to their sales phones instantly. If you have a large sales force that prospects nationwide, call us about our Exclusive Live Transfer Leads. Our aim is to flood your phones with interested prospects giving you and your sales team the ability to skyrocket your sales. A Lava Leads Live Transfer campaign can literally cut your prospecting time in half, giving you the power to close more deals daily and build your bottomline. Period!

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